Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Dreams...

Summer is here and in full swing since I am back home in Mississippi, and I couldn't be happier!  Especially when my mom woke me the Saturday morning after our arrival to the smell of one of the most delicious things on this planet..........drum roll please /////// CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!!!!  And not just any cinnamon rolls, mind you.  Here's the thing, a family friend of ours makes these beauties, and I have been DREAMING of them for quite some time.  So I phoned my mother before we came and told her that I would absolutely love it if I could somehow manage to have one (or maybe four or five!) of Mrs. Brenda's cinnamon rolls.  And lo and behold, I didn't get just one but a whole pan still hot from the oven!  Now if I could only get the recipe!                                                           

Thank you, Mrs. Brenda!!!!!

Deliciousness on a plate!

Close your mouth.  You're drooling!

Pure bliss.....

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